Charleston Home Automation & Custom Home Theater Solutions

Prepare to be captivated by the future of home entertainment in the heart of Charleston. At NextGen Automated, we’re pioneers in redefining your cinematic experience without stepping outside your door.

Our extraordinary custom home theater services fuse innovation, craftsmanship, and modern design to craft personalized entertainment spaces that redefine luxury and cultivate an unrivaled cinematic journey.

Comprehensive Custom Home Entertainment System Services

A custom home theater system is the ultimate solution if you're seeking a high-end way to enhance your screen-based entertainment. At NextGen Automated, we'll help you achieve your dream home theater setup.

Design and Consultation

We begin by intimately exploring your vision, desires, and budget. Our experts then craft home theaters using smart home technology that seamlessly blends into your space while surpassing your wildest expectations.

Audio and Video Systems

Enjoy breathtaking visuals and unbeatable sound quality. We offer cutting-edge 4K video, immersive audio visual experience.

Screen Selection

We offer a wide range of screen options, including projection, LED, and curved screens, to suit your preferences and space.

Lighting and Control

Set the mood with smart lighting customized for movie nights, gaming, or casual viewing. Control all of your lighting from the touch of a button to the ease of a touchscreen.


Seamlessly integrate all of your smart home systems including lighting, window treatments, climate control, security, audio visual and even voice assistant.

Support and Maintenance

Enjoy peace of mind with our ongoing support and maintenance services to keep your home theater pristine.

Get Lost in Your Favorite Entertainment with an Impressive Home Theater Room

At NextGen Automated, we're the number one name in Charleston home automation systems. Contact us today if you're ready to elevate your entertainment or home automation system experience to the next level. We'll happily schedule a consultation and help you start your journey toward a custom home theater or automated system that's beyond compare.