Surveillance Systems &
Security Cameras

Security is a vital aspect of home ownership and living. It protects the people, property and possessions from potential threats such as burglary, vandalism, fire, natural disasters and more. Security is not a luxury, but a necessity for a safe and happy home.

 Our licensed professionals can provide assurance that your home is safe and secure.

Security Camera and Surveillance Services

From real-time alerts to remote control, our solutions ensure you're always in control, keeping your loved ones and assets safe 24/7. Welcome to a world where security is smart, intuitive, and ahead of the curve. Discover our services below.

Security System Evolution

Our home automation company initiates the process with an all-encompassing evaluation of your property, crafting a security system that strengthens vulnerabilities while blending with your lifestyle.

CCTV & Visual Vigilance

Our cutting-edge cameras and smart video surveillance solutions offer real-time monitoring and recording, ensuring you catch every detail should there be a break-in or other security threat.

Intrusion Intelligence

Our home automation company's intrusion detection systems are powered by sensors, motion detectors, and smart home devices to shield your property against unauthorized access.

Access All Areas

Command and control access to your property with advanced access control systems featuring biometrics, keyless entry, and mobile app command.

Instant Intelligence

Stay in the loop with instant notifications and alarms sent directly to your smartphone or other devices, granting you full control over your security.

Intelligent Integration

Seamlessly combine your security and surveillance system with your smart home automation, crafting a consolidated, intelligent security solution.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor your property from anywhere globally using an intuitive mobile app or web interface.

Protect Your Home with NextGen Automated

Protecting yourself and the ones you love is easy with NextGen Automated's advanced surveillance systems. Once you integrate one of our setups into your smart automated system, accessing surveillance footage can be as easy as accessing your lighting control, air conditioning, or home entertainment system. Contact us today to learn more.